Xi`an Lishan Automobile Factory
Two Xi''an factories improve safety education
Source: Xi`an Lishan Automobile Factory Date: 2012-06-19

To make certain that the unified factory’s “safety first, prevention first” policy and the cultural concept of “love life, cherish life, reject dirty profits” are implemented it increased its safety education program. This is to improve public opinion and the business atmosphere for more scientific safer development and to teach employees to care for life and focus on security. This means focusing on family safety, cultivating a family safety culture, and promoting safety culture all across the factory, without any blind spots.

Recently, the two factories have encouraged their drivers, staff in the switchhouse, property and security companies, and mid-level and higher personnel to pay more attention to traffic safety, safer use of electric power, and production safety, through the use of video lectures. Factory leaders hope that everyone can have a deeper understanding of traffic safety and accident prevention, the safer use of electric power, and production safety.

Since the beginning of the year, Factories 3402 and 3404 have made safety education a part of the “Worker Education Training Plan” for 2012 to focus on safety education, give workers a more complete understanding of security, raise security awareness, and ensure healthier, more stable operation in company security.

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