Xi`an Lishan Automobile Factory
Two Xi''an factories promote systems integration
Source: ChemChina Date: 2011-07-14

Xi'an’s Factory 3402 and Factory 3404 merged their operations, business, personnel, and administration in July 2010, and began working on integrating their systems and corporate culture at the beginning of the year, with the idea of coordinating the various departments for more efficient operations to ensure that management and regulations are followed carefully.

Because the factories followed two different systems, they had to develop a unified, standardized system for integration, so they set up a special System Construction Group to do a detailed study. To save time and effort, departments involved in redesigning the systems were asked to do a meticulous job and cooperate with each other in developing practical, accessible systems to eliminate conflicts, reduce differences, correct defects, and keep improving to come up with a unified, standardized system. The systems are expected to be somewhat independent but complementary so as to improve 31 parts of the system. Over a six-month period, 16 parts of the system were improved, such as Salary Management, Cash Management, Handover System, Travel Reimbursements, Office Supplies Management, and Security Management. The schedule calls for 31 renovations of the system to be completed before the end of this year.

This system work is very important because it is only through specific systems that the unified factory can develop, increase efficiency, and improve effectiveness for fuller, more complete production and operations.

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