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MIIT promotes shipbuilding annexation and reorganization
Source: Taizhou Factory 7816 Date: 2012-04-29

Since the release of the “Suggestion of the State Council on promoting the enterprise merger and restructuring”, the progress is not obvious. In order to further strengthen this work, the Division of Industrial Policy, MIIT, recently held the national industrial policy forum in 2012, proposed that it must take effective measures, highlight the importance, prompt thoroughly and strive to let the major industries and enterprises such as ships made substantive progress in merger and restructuring. On April 28, the Division issued a "Notice on Further Strengthening the Merger and Restructuring” and proposed the measures to strengthen enterprise merger and restructuring.

The notice requires that, every department of Industry and Information Technology should establish and improve the mechanism of organization and coordination of enterprise merger and restructuring, coordinate the work of the enterprise merger and restructuring; create a favorable environment, guide and encourage companies voluntarily and independently carry out the merger and restructuring; regulate and solve the problems encountered, undertake good guidance and services for enterprise mergers and restructuring; establish the exchange system, the Industry and Information Technology department of every locality should promptly submit the key situation present, the problems need to solve, work and progress of the case quarterly, annual progress of merger and restructuring, achievements, effective practices, problems existed and relevant recommendations to the MIIT.

It is understood that MIIT will study and formulate the guidance of promoting the mergers and restructuring in key industries, understand  the essential requirement, main objective, key tasks and policy measures of the merger and reorganization in key industries and enterprises, focusing on the automobile, steel, cement, shipbuilding, aluminum, rare earth, medicine and food industries, promote the powerful combination between strong enterprises, trans-regional acquisitions and reorganizations and overseas acquisition and investment cooperation, increase the industrial concentration and promote large-scale and intensive operation.


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