Taizhou Factory 7816
Orders capacity of China''s shipbuilding industry rebounded in March
Source: Taizhou Factory 7816 Date: 2012-03-29

The statistics of Steel Associated Information showed that, the newly signed 100 ship orders in March are doubled in comparison with 46 ones in February, in which bulk carriers accounted for a relatively high, up to 48, followed by 24 supply vessels and 22 container ships. In March 2012, newly signed 121 foreign ship orders, compared with 109 in February 2011, representing an increase of 12, where the number of South Korean shipyard orders reached up to 66, an increase of 6 than that of last month, most of which are oil tankers with high added value and LPG vessels

Whether at home or abroad, the new ship orders in March 2012 rebound in the chain, especially the China's shipbuilding industry orders was doubled compared with last month. However, we still focus on the bulk carriers with low added value in aspect of orders while the ship with high added value is relative low, such as the marine equipment, high-tech ship and Green Ship which has some gaps with that of Japan and South Korea.

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