Shenyang Automobile Axle Manufacturing Co, Ltd
Shenyang Automotive Axle Manufacturing Co becomes a national high-tech enterprise
Source: Shenyang Automotive Axle Manufacturing Co Ltd. Date: 2012-03-10

After nearly three years of hard technical work, the Shenyang Automobile Axle Manufacturing Co. was honored as a 2011 high-tech enterprise in Liaoning province, on March 9, 2012, along with 76 other companies. This is in accordance with the Science and Technology and Finance ministries and State Administration of Taxation’s “Administrative Measures for Determining Hi-tech Enterprises” and “Guidelines for the Recognition of Hi-tech Enterprises”. The notice came from Liaoning’s office of hi-tech enterprise recognition management work, which arranged for the application, qualification study, and evaluation and submitted it to the national office of high-tech enterprise certification management work for review.

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