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Basketball match between Danchi and County Quality Supervision Bureau
Source: Sichuan Danchi Parts Co Ltd. Date: 2012-06-08

To enrich the lives of our staff with some sports and entertainment, and to develop a sense of team spirit, cohesiveness, and pride, the Chonche Group’s Sichuan Danchi Parts Co arranged a basketball match between the company’s team and a County Quality Supervision Bureau team, on June 7, 2012, with the focus on "Friendship comes before competition". All the players had a chance to display their style and skills.

The match not only enriched the lives of the employees but also increased their enthusiasm and confidence in the sport and the passion of each individual staff member who loves sports. It could also help develop an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of placing importance on overall staff quality, which the company emphasizes, especially in its corporate culture, and increasing friendships among staff members and cultivating a cooperative spirit. The match certainly had the desired effect and showed the vigor and vitality of Danchi employees as well as the unique charm of basketball.

The Company plans to organize more of these colorful recreational activities in the future, to develop the corporate culture and promote Danchi’s development by enriching the employees’ lives through recreation and sports, and to improve their health.




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