Sichuan Danchi Automobile Parts Co, Ltd
Symposium on “Who are you working for?“
Source: Sichuan Danchi Parts Co Ltd. Date: 2012-05-10

“At work, you need to start from zero mentally, no matter what you do, and empty yourself, and adopt an attitude of learning by taking every task as a new beginning, a door of opportunity to a successful future. Do not ever look down upon the work on you and just muddle through it unhappily. It does no good for both for you and your employer.”

                                      ——"Who are you working for?"

The Chonche Group Sichuan Danchi Parts Co has arranged the first symposium for its staff to exchange reflections on the book “Who are you working for?” on May 10. All personnel attending the symposium had carefully read the book beforehand, and shared their own experiences with some real, true-life examples with each other.


The photos below show various staff members describing their personal feelings and experiences for the gathering.






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