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Danchi May 4th Youth Day Activities
Source: Sichuan Danchi Parts Co Ltd. Date: 2012-05-04

On May 4, 2012, on behalf of Youth Day, the company opened its "Strengthen youth, Serve Danchi" activity to promote the self-development of leagues and the corporate culture. It hopes to use this themed activity to create an environment where young people can make friends with each other, make the Danchi league more cohesive and efficient, and enrich their young cultural life. It also hopes to guide young employees and encourage them to undertake tasks that are important for the rapid development of their career, with firm conviction, professionalism, and great job skills, and to work hard for the overall development of the company.

Another purpose of the activity is to help young people get a clearer understanding to today’s situation, in view of current economic conditions and the company’s production situation, and keep a good foothold in their job and in corporate stability. It can also help liberate the thinking of young employees and help them understand corporate culture to improve their individual character. At the same time, many of the young employees can get a better understanding of scientific development and develop, innovate, and be pioneers. In that sense, it is a way to demonstrate the positive mental outlook of the young employees, increase cohesion, and let them spend a more meaningful May 4th Youth Day.


The general manager and other company leaders taking part in the event  

the company head addressing the gathering

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