The Zhongche Automobile Group’s Dalian Factory No.4821 (previously the People’s Liberation Army Factory No. 4821) is a state-owned enterprise that integrates ship repairs, harbor development, ship building and scrapping, machining, structural manufacturing, and foreign trade.  

The factory is located in Songmu Island Chemical Park in the city of Dalian’s Puwan New District, on 520,000 square meters of ground, near the sea, with more than 1,000 m of coastal area.

It has two interior and exterior dockyards and support facilities. The interior dock is 176 m x 10.2 m wide x 12m deep; the exterior is 145 x 18 x 12 m. It has two more 3,000-tonnage berths and support facilities, one of them 110 m long, with a designed depth of 7 m, the other, 126 m, with a revetment 57 m long and a designed depth of 6 m.

The factory has always followed global manufacturing and management standards and modern enterprise concepts. It has ISO9001, GB/T19001 and GJB9001B Quality System certification and KR welding procedure certification on the list of units qualified to do work for the Chinese Navy.

It specializes in repairs to military vessels and ships for inland trade, mainly those below 7,000 tonnage; it also does work on ships below 8,000 tonnage, and can handle loading and unloading of bulk-goods ships below 4,500 tonnage.

The factory uses cutting-edge technology to keep it competitive, and can do L20/27 and TBD234 diesel engine repair work; mid-size to small steam boiler cleaning; replacement wok to cover marine losses; and submarine scrapping. Its products include the 074 submarine, torpedo-retrieval submarine, engineering vessels (for dredging).

It also does repair work on Russian ship and attracts clients from around China and abroad and has a tradition of faithful, precise, excellent service and competitive prices.

The Dalian Factory No. 4821 staff members work continuously to develop new methods and new approaches and sincerely work to create a bright new future with all their clients.



Tel: 0411-85256121
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